Strange Ways Men Doing Masturbation

Strange Ways Men Doing Masturbation

May masturbate common man but the way it is different male masturbation one guy and the other guy has a way of each normal to masturbate. Well here are some weird ways men to masturbate like to know what it wrote refer 5 Weird Ways Men Doing Masturbation following.

1. Using Socks

Socks have a big hole and that makes a man a woman sees it as a hole. Many men use socks for masturbation and realizing his sexual fantasies.

2. Using Fruit

It is not strange if a man uses it to masturbate. Watermelon is a fruit which is most commonly used. Men are basically cutting or digging holes in the fruit and then use it to feel sexual pleasure

3. Using Vacuum

The most bizarre thing is to use a vacuum cleaner or a tool while masturbating. According to them, there is the sensation of pleasure from existing suction equipment.

4. Using Body lotion

Men use it as a lubricant to enjoy orgasm or intercourse when they are dry.

5. Using Pillows

Is the strangest ways men masturbate using a pillow. They put him in the genital area and then imagined as such he was dealing with a woman until he could reach orgasm pleasure.

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